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Artist Name: A.S.H.U

Artist Genre: Rap, Hiphop, RnB, Pop

Years Active: 2014

Record Label : ForeVision Digital

Notable Work:  Kismat Kharab Hai


Independent Rapper, Composer & Lyricist

A.S.H.U is an Independent artist who loves to make songs on day to day life of normal people, as he thinks himself as a common man, who talks about life of a common man in India. 

He always tries to keep his lyrics as relatable as it can get, so that he can connect with his audience. He wants to give good vibes through his music.
He’s been writing music since 2013, but never released any of his songs officially.

He loves performing live, & has done a lot of shows in & around Delhi NCR.

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Kismat Kharab Hai

Kismat Kharab Hai

Hindi Song

Kismat Kharab Hai is available now on all the music streaming platforms.

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Golf Course Road, Gurugram, India



+91 9664050526