ForeVision Digital

Refund Policy

Refunds (if applicable)

We will refund the full amount in case your song is not LIVE on the platforms within 30 days of upload.

Refund can be asked via email till your song status is under processing. Once your song sent to the stores for uploading then we cannot accept your refund request.

We will not refund the money in case of 

-Forced takedown by uploader

-If the customer cancel the order

-Takedown by the third party in case of infringement of rights
-Takedown in case of unauthorized upload or upload of the cover song without having appropriate rights

We will not refund the amount if you upload Business/Brand/Corporate/Advertisement/Name tunes/Meditation/Voice Over for a business or person.

We will not refund the song in case of

Brand Name


Celebrity Name

Objectionable Word

Sleazy Word

Delhi Farmers Protest

Current Affairs

Prank Tune

National Anthem

Political Party Theme

Politician Name