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Music distribution

Get your music on all of the top music streaming services along with caller ring back tone stores.

How it works

Distribution with ForeVision is very simple, you just need to follow few steps.

Step 1

Register a free account

Sign up with your email address to create your ForeVision account. It’s totally free.

Step 3

Upload Your Music

Upload your release and fill in the track name, artist name and all of the other details about your music.

Step 2

Choose a plan

Choose any plan of ours to distribute your music.

Step 4

Receive earnings

Once your music is live, we’ll send you your earnings and performance reports every month.

Protect your music on YouTube with Content ID

Content ID is YouTube’s system that automatically scans videos to recognise music and ensure that the original creators get the credit and revenue they deserve from it.

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Record Label for free

Register your company/firm as record label with us for free. Get instant approval within a minutes.


Get paid from your songs on Instagram

We can add your music to Facebook’s system so that any time your music is added to a video or story on Facebook it gets monetised on your behalf.


Get paid from your songs on Instagram

When your tracks go to Facebook they’ll be added to the catalogue so that your music can be chosen as the soundtrack for Instagram Stories around the world.

fall in love with our features

Dashboard for control your music

Get high end secured dashboard with ForeVision Digital to manage your content on stores.

Artist Community

ForeVision is not just a distributor for you, it's a platform for artists around the world. Where artists can promote their content for free.

Your music is Our responsibility

Take your music even further with our unique promotional tools for your music and your fans.

Get your music everywhere

ForeVision Digital is one of the leading music distributor for Indian market.

Distribute songs in your language

ForeVision accepts many languages such as Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odiya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Haryanvi, Bhojpuri, Santali, Sanskrit, Urdu, Tibetian, Maithili, Nepali, Arabic, Santali, Kashmiri, English, Sindhi & many more.

Easy to use interface

ForeVision built with a simple setup, artists can upload their song within 4 simple steps.