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Artist Name: Jayantho

Artist Genre: Pop, Indian Pop

Years Active: 2018

Record Label : ForeVision Digital

Notable Work: Little Girl, Living Together


Independent Singer, Songwriter & Composer

Jayantho is a singer/songwriter from India. He started recording covers back in 2018 and releasing them on YouTube.

Jayantho always had a passion for writing. Writing helps him heal and slowly it transcended towards converting those writings and producing them as original music. Little Girl by Jayantho is his most streamed work. Jayantho recalls this as his most personal and favorite work till date and that he didn’t intend to release it as he feared it’d expose his vulnerable side.

Jayantho also collaborated with ArtistAloud by Hungama to release his first Hindi original music called Murshida Jayantho was also nominated as the  Top 5 Finalist of ‘ – The Opening Act’ 2019 and also has been nominated at the IIMA Awards

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living together

Living Together

English Song

Living Together is available now on all the music streaming platforms.

Little Girl

Little Girl

English Song

Little Girl is available now on all the music streaming platforms.

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