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Mrugrajsinh Vansadia

Artist Name: Mrugrajsinh Vansadia

Artist Genre: Pop, Soft rock, Soul, Indian Folk

Years Active: 2010

Notable Work: Amar Rakhdi (Rakshabandhan Special)


Mrugrajsinh Vansadia

Independent Singer

Mrugrajsinh Vansadia is an Indian Composer, Lyricist & Singer. He was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Mrugraj is an Product Lead in an IT firm professionally but, along with his actual profession, he has kept his passion alive. He always wanted to be a great composer and at the age of 16 he composed an original song for a school group song. His biggest motivation and guide is his father who himself is a very good Poet, singer and musician.

He used to follow A.R.Rahman and his music which encouraged him to learn music production at such a young age. Completely unaware of technology he used to record multiple tracks on multiple cassettes and playing all the cassettes synchronously, this was the very first raw way for him to start Music Production. Then over the time, he self-learned Adobe Audition and then FL Studio where he actually dirtied his hand with some real stuff. He himself is a very good singer and lyricist but he says that for him Music Composing is fun. One of the original he did during the Nirbhaya Rape case, got popularity among his network. The song was composed & written just in an Hour post hearing that tragic news. For him, the biggest inspiration is his emotion. Whenever he gets a project where he can connect himself with it, that always creates magic. With the name Jamming Diaries he manages his own Youtube channel where he publishes some of his work. His recent release “Amar Rakhdi” – a Regional Gujarati original, got popularity as Rakshabandhan Anthem of Gujarat for year 2021. Similarly “Tu hi mera jahaan” became a favorite for the lovebirds.

Without having any formal knowledge, prior music training, he created music in multiple genres, on various themes and he always believed, If the Sky’s the limit then with Creativity you can measure the Sky.

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Amar Rakhdi (Rakshabandhan Special)

Amar Rakhdi

Gujarati Song

Amar Rakhdi (Rakshabandhan Special) is available now on all the music streaming platforms.

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Ahmedabad, GJ, India