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Tandav Music

Band Name: Tandav Music

Band Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock

Record Label : ForeVision Digital

Years Active: 2016

Notable Work: Megher Opare

Tandav Music

Alternative Rock & Pop Band

Tandav Music is an Indian alternative rock/pop band formed in Kolkata, West Bengal in 2016. 

Tandav Music were founded by Imon Mukherjee (Lead vocalist, songwriter, lyricist and music composer) & Alex Sengupta (Lyricist, songwriter and bassist). After gaining some followers as an alternative rock/pop band, Tandav Music make some different compositions, experimentation, philosophical lyrics, extended compositions, elaborate live shows and becomes the leading band of the alternative rock/pop genre.
The performing members comprise vocalist, songwriter and lyricist Imon Mukherjee, lead guitarist Ayan Singh, bassist, lyricist and songwriter Alex Sengupta, rhythm guitarists Phantom Former & Soubhagya Basu, and drummer Dipanjan Dey. Imon, Alex & Phantom was playing music together since 2014 to 2016, first calling themselves “Street brothers” and then in 2016 they finally changed their name to Tandav Music. Later, Soubhagya Basu, Ayan Singh and Dipanjan Dey came in the band.
After changing their name to Tandav Music, the band recorded and released two singles, All Alone in 2016 and Bondi 2017,  Tandav Music achieved fame with the release of the song “From The Stars” in 2020, followed in the same year by their debut single Raining Inside, which was nominated for the djooky awards. The band’s second single, Megher Opare (2021), was released to critical acclaim.
Tandav music in a greater platform. Tandav music reverbnation in top 1 in West Bengal, top 5 in India and in top 150 internationally.

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Megher Opare

Megher Opare

Bengali Song

Megher Opare is available now on all the music streaming platforms.

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Kolkata, West Bengal, IN