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DO’S and DON’TS for your music promotion on streaming platforms

Each artist dreams about having a rich amount of listener base, and rely on music promotion but some of them remains unaware of the fact that there are rules and regulations regarding promoting and increasing the stream count, which may cost them their own song, if done with the help of unfair method.

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The WRONG way to do music promotion on streaming platforms


Numerous deceptive services are available, claiming to offer the opportunity to “purchase streams” on popular music platforms like Spotify or JioSaavn Music. Some may even claim that they provide authentic streams with no negative impact on your music.

However, this is obviously false, so it’s best to stay clear. In fact, avoid engaging with any service that promises streams or playlist spots in return for payment. These companies rely to deceptive methods such as click farms to generate streams for those who pay. Illegitimately obtaining streams like this results to fraudulent activity because real money is earned from these streams.

Associating fake streams with your music typically leads to the removal of your music from platforms permanently, also known as “takedown.”

The crucial advice remains: don’t fall for the temptation of fake streams. It’s never a worthwhile choice.


You might be fascinated to boost your streaming numbers by repeatedly playing your own music, but again, don’t overdo it.

Sure, enjoying your own tracks is okay, even if it’s multiple times in a day. However, excessively leaving it on repeat without genuine listening just to manipulate the numbers isn’t the ideal way to celebrate your song.

It’s a rather duplicitous and unethical approach to increase your stream count. Streaming platforms are familiar with these strategies. So, they’ll catch on and might take action, possibly resulting in the removal of your music altogether.

The RIGHT way to do music promotion on streaming platforms

Use your streaming analytics

QUICK TIP – Don’t forget to register for Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists.

Companies like Spotify and Apple Music offer specialized artist services, providing insights into how your music performs on their platforms.

These tools are invaluable for artists, helping them understand their music’s success, its audience reach, and the most effective strategies.

Additionally, when you release music online through ForeVision Digital, you gain access to comprehensive reports and overall analytics on your personal artist dashboard.

Submit to playlists

Getting your track featured on a playlist can have a massive impact on your presence on streaming platforms. Some playlists have millions of followers, and being included can bring you significant exposure and potentially boost your streaming numbers, and that will be authentic.

It’s important to note that it’s not just about landing on the largest playlists. While being featured on an official playlist with millions of followers is fantastic, being on smaller playlists can also enhance your presence on streaming platforms, you got to start somewhere, right?

The Spotify Discover Weekly playlist algorithm takes data from every playlist across the platform into account when choosing songs for its users. Hence, every playlist counts, regardless of its follower size.

Share & add the link everywhere

The old school method, share your song and let public do their magic, just do not forget to add links from different major streaming platforms which will let the algorithm.

Spotify and Apple Music love it when you drive listener’s to them from “off-platform”. So make sure to share links to your tracks across all your social media pages.

You can contact us if you want an embedded link to all of the platform links.

Do you have any questions about music streaming promotion tactic or techniques? Let us know

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