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Best music distribution service in India ?

Wondering how exactly to make your music available to audiences worldwide? Are you trying to clarify how to get your music on Spotify, or even how to get your music on Apple Music?

If you are an independent artist and want to get your music on streaming services, you will need to know all about distribution services. In this article, we will take a look at what distributors do, and give you the low down on the best music distribution companies out there, so that you can make an informed decision.

  • CD Baby

Pricing: $9.95 – $69 per release

Another one of the most talked-about distributors in the indie community is CD Baby. 

What makes them stand out is that they are proactive at helping artists tap into all revenue streams. They do this through services such as publishing administration and CD & vinyl distribution. Thanks to a recent partnership between Music Gateway & CD Baby, they now also offer sync for film & TV placement.

What also makes them more lucrative than other platforms is their one time fees per release. This means… no recurring annual costs! This makes it easier for indie artists to get their songs registered with royalty-collecting societies via the platform. CD Baby offers all of their distribution services for $9.95 per single and $29 per album. You can also upgrade a single from standard to Pro for $20, and for $40 for an album. CD Baby also takes 15% commission.

Also, the additional services that CD Baby offers such as publishing admin, sync, duplication and manufacturing. Established artists can even receive advance payments.

  • Tunecore

Pricing: $9.99 – $49.99

TuneCore’s user interface is easy to navigate and understand, and there isn’t a lot of information required when processing releases. For some artists, this is convenient. However, for more established artists or labels who require extensive label copy and info such as barcodes and ISRC’s, this is yet to be added to the system. Then again, the main indie distributors are aimed primarily at the aspiring bedroom artists of today. These artists want to get things moving fast with their first releases, as opposed to major distributors such as AWAL (more on that later!)

Tunecore charges artists both yearly and per release, so you will want to really consider if the costs are worth it for what you can get from the platform. Tunecore’s current pricing is $9.99 per year per single, and $29.99 per year per album for the first year. Annual fees for albums are $49.99, and $9.99 for singles, also.

  • DistroKid

Pricing: $19.99 – $79.99 annually

DistroKid was one of the first non-major distributors to strike a deal with the hugely popular video-sharing platform TikTok. This gives all DistroKid artists the opportunity to have their music used in fan-generated videos worldwide. Other distributors have since followed suit, but it should be noted that DistroKid spearheaded this!

One of the most cost-effective options, DistroKid comes in at $19.99 per year for unlimited uploads. DistroKid do also offer multiple plans, such as Musician ($19.99 per year), Musician Plus ($35.99 per year) and Label ($79.99 per year). Also – artists get to keep 100% of their royalties!

They also make it easy to acquire mechanical licenses for those wanting to commercially release cover songs. Users also have the ability to automatically split revenue among unlimited collaborators – whether you are splitting with producers, featured artists or investors. Any collaborators have to sign up for a paid subscription to the platform at $10 a year in order to get paid. Also, Distrokid creates a Hyperfollow page for your listeners to pre-save your music on Spotify, which is a great bonus!

One of the only issues is that they have so many users, it can be hard to get answers to questions efficiently, and you have to use their ticketing system. This involves the user support team closing tickets after sending a generic reply. They don’t always understand the issue at hand and referrals to more experienced members of the team are usually reserved for the highest performing artists.

  • ForeVision Digital

Pricing: ₹299 – ₹699 per track

ForeVision Digital is one of the most popular & largest music distributors in India.

Currently we charge just ₹299 INR to ₹699 INR per track. After that, your music will be sent to all major streaming platforms along with caller tune platforms.

Our incredible music distribution service gets your music onto all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. What’s more, We are partnered with all the Indian streaming platforms along with the caller tune companies(Jio, Vi, BSNL & Airtel).

What else makes distribution by ForeVision Digital so great?

  • Your Music will be live for a lifetime!
  • Your music will be live within 4 working days!
  • Get Caller Tune features in Indian telecom providers!
  • Distribute your music to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and all the international platforms
  • Instant set up, upload your music and go!
  • Call support in English, Hindi & Bengali language.

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