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How to distribute songs for Caller Tunes in India?

Caller Tunes gives subscribers a more personalized mobile phone service by allowing your callers to hear a chosen song whenever they call you instead of them just hearing the standard ringing tone. This service has grown in popularity in emerging markets such as Africa, Bangladesh and particularly in India.

In India, CRBT or Caller Tune is the most important for an artist. Every artist here wants their song for caller tune, but it’s hard to discover the actual process. Very low people know the way to distribute their song for Caller Tune. There are very few companies who are responsible for making this thing happen, such as ForeVision Digital. In India there are some telecom companies that give their callers caller ring back tone(CRBT) feature, such as; Jio(JioSaavn), Airtel(Wynk Music), BSNL, Vodafone(VI) & Idea.

ForeVision Digital is a Digital Distributor in India that gives this feature to everyone, now anyone can upload their song for Caller Tune in Indian telecom networks. There are just very few steps to be followed.

  1. Sign up for ForeVision Digital
  2. Choose the ForeVision CRBT+ package from the pricing page.
  3. Add some details about your song.
  4. Select the time you want for your song.
  5. and placed the order.

After placing the order, your song will be live for the caller tune in just 4-15 days. You will get the caller tune codes for Airtel, Vodafone, idea & bsnl. Jio users will get the option in MY JIO app and in JioSaavn app, airtel users also get the features on Wynk Music.