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How to Release YouTube Claim

The YouTube Content ID option is one that musicians have when they publish their tracks through Forevision Digital. The artist may decide to take the choice or may decide not to. However, the Content ID secures the artist’s content so that, in the event that a third party uploads it, YouTube will instantly send the infringing party a copyright claim.

If the channel is monetized, the content will begin to generate royalties, which Forevision Digital will collect and distribute to the artist. But what if the claim is placed on the artist’s own channel? How to release the claim?

How to Release YouTube Claim

Are you concerned about the claim that has been put on your YouTube channel? Do you lack the “know-how” necessary for YouTube Claim Release? Fear no more, Forevision Digital has you covered!

We at Forevision Digitals have made sure to make a hassle-free YouTube claim release procedure.  YouTube claim release is just a few steps away:

  • Visit
  • Log In to your profile
  • Go to ‘Dashboard’
  • Scroll all the way down to ‘YouTube Claim Release’
  • Fill up the form accordingly
  • Click on ‘Send Message’
  • And Done!

Keep your patience for the task at hand as the process could take some time, maybe some hours!


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