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How to upload my song on streaming platform

If you’re searching for an answer to this most confused topic, here’s your answer on how to upload your song on streaming platform.

These are some quick actions you should take on before distributing your song

  • Choose an established distribution company, like ForeVision Digital
  • Gather all the metadata and provide it to the distribution compan.
  • To get the best results, buy a ForeVision Marketing Plan.
  • Select a date of release 3-4 weeks prior, to avail the Spotify or any distribution platform’s playlist pitch and FSS ( ForeVision Special Services)
  • Use our pre-release campaign to promote your music and gather a party of audience throughout the social media.
  • Use ForeVision Marketing Best to promote your music as the post-release strategy to gain more listeners.

Always be aware and wise while choosing your distribution company, check extra bonuses and prize they offer.


No matter how confused it seems, ForeVision Digital has been smoothening the process for artists for years, so be ahead with your music and be a part of future’s best. With our co-operation you can achieve much more than you think. Follow us on our social media platforms to be notified about latest techniques and news.