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I write and compose songs but I don’t know how to distribute my music. Thousands of listeners listening to my music and enjoying every bit of it might seem like a big dream but the dream does come true. Music distribution service makes it possible for the artist to reach millions of people by using various music distribution models. 


  •  As an artist, you have to explore and contemplate the Music Distribution companies. Choose one distributor to promote your talent. Like: ForeVision Digital. 
  • As you choose your Music Distributor; upload songs or a wonderful album of your creation. With all the metadata associated with the songs. Such as the name of the track and, the artists behind the track ( Songwriter, Composure, Singer).
  • Most of the distributors can give you a tentative release date or you can always select a date in the next 4-5 weeks.
  • Building up the anticipation. Teaser promotions and pre-release promotions build up the anticipation of the audiences. 
  • Let the release date come. 
  • Thoroughly initiate a post-release plan for the song to make sure the music reaches the maximum audience. 
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Music distribution in a general sense is a process where the music of an artist is distributed in various platforms to get the maximum reach of listeners. The music distribution service industry is as old as the music industry itself. Not only artists but also various music labels or music companies reach their targeted listeners through these music distribution companies. Initially, music distribution incorporated physical formats sold in stores such as cassettes, and CDs. but with the advent of digital media, in the era of the internet, these distribution services have become much more dynamic.  


The primary importance of a music distributor lies in the reach of the people. Numerous music distributors are offering several music platforms. Offering promotional support, accessibility to the public and expanding the reach to mark a presence in the industry which an artist independently could not reach. 


Music distribution is offered by several distributors having different payment models. An artist should always do their research on the music distributors and each of the company’s goals, payment methods may include lump-sum payment and annual subscription fee. Sometimes distributors earn from the revenue generated from the music. The artists should inculcate these structures before they choose a company for their music distribution. 


Various companies offer free music distribution. There’s always a free model offered by the music distributors. However most of the time these offer limited reach for the audience. An artist can distribute the music through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. However, the reach of the audience is not necessarily vast. 

  • PROS of Free Distribution

Cost Effective model: There is no amount or charge to distribute the artist’s music. It’s free. 

Flexibility: there are no time limits. Or any type of pressure for uploading your music. 

  • CONS of Free Distribution

Restricted: The quality is always restricted. The reach of the audience is limited. 

Payouts: sometimes when music distributors offer these free services tend to get a Huge percentage of the music revenue as a royalty. Go through the papers well. 

  • What is Music Distribution?

Music distribution in a general sense is a process where the music of an artist is distributed in various platforms to get the maximum reach of listeners. The music distribution service industry is as old as the music industry itself. 

  • Why do I need a Music Distribution Service to enlist my music in Spotify, Apple Music or other music platforms?

An artist needs to reach the maximum audience for their music. That is provided by the music distributor. 

  • How to distribute music for free?

There are some independent platforms to share their music. An artist can always go there. 

  • Why is ForeVision Digital not free?
  1. ForeVision Digital provides you with its unique and innovative promotion models to reach the audience. 
  2. They give you most of the revenue generated from the artist.
  3. Most importantly every artist gets their own dashboard to work with. 
  4. Everything is very low in cost.