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The best music distribution company with dashboard

A distribution company might have a classy, good looking front end website, but it is important to have a strong dashboard to provide the artists with a better post release services. And that is why ForeVision Digital has introduced a brand new website to complete the amends of their beloved artists. To ensure more and better analysis of revenue and streams.



Let us dive into the details of our dashboard, starting with the log in process.

Now, you can either log in after completing the ‘forgot password’ process or after signing up with your existing email ID used previously with ForeVision Digital.


After logging in, you’ll be able to see the ForeVision Digital dashboard, specially personalized for you, carrying all the important numbers regarding your content. To your left upper corner, you’ll be able to see the button of Request Withdrawal, which will be available for artists very soon to cash out their revenue.



The dashboard consists of several important elements, like a header for Total Uploads, which will show the total number of songs uploaded by the artist.


Best upload will consist the most streamed song from your catalogue, or simply put, your best song.


This block will show the total amount of revenue that has been generated from all your songs released through ForeVision Digital.


This specific space has been allotted to show your overall streams across the platforms.


This big block will be present to the right side of your screen, showing your balance earned from all but different platforms.


After all the important elements, there will be a list of your total songs each will be separated with columns of all kind of analytics. The list includes your overall number of songs that you uploaded, and more in depth analytical overview.

Here, each song will be provided with details like, all the platforms its live on, Album name, Artist(s), Label, ISRC, Overall View/ Streams, Overall Revenue and Final Revenue after deduction of ForeVision Digital’s share.

Moreover, you will have the leisure to click on every single song or content and get in depth revenue analysis of each month and platform wise. It will also shoe total streams of each platform


The idea behind this dashboard was to make the artists post release experience smoother and faster, our intent was to make things better since we faced lot of problems and felt responsible to step up for our beloved artists and musicians.