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Are Caller Tunes and Ringtones the same thing?

Since the introduction of cell phone networking, we have become increasingly accustomed to ringtones and caller tunes. These two reached their zenith in the early 2000s and became a crucial component of the entertainment industry. Since then, having ringtones and caller tunes has been considered “cool,” and things just keep getting better thanks to various programs and deals offered by various businesses.

But it’s frequently unclear whether these two are interchangeable or distinct from one another. There is a slight difference between these two, even though they both function as a replacement for the traditional “ringing sound” of the call. As ringtones are what we hear when someone calls us and our phone rings. From the memory of our phones, we are free to select whatever ringtone we like. And we don’t have to pay a single penny for that.

Whether, on the other hand, the caller hears the caller tune when they call us from the other end. Often referred to as ‘hello-tune’, It is entirely up to us which song or piece of music we choose to set as our caller tune, and the service is not free. We continue to receive a big library of caller tunes, but we cannot always be certain that we will get the caller tune we choose.

caller tune

Caller tunes can be uploaded by different services. We at Forevision Digital take care of the uploading process of caller tunes as well and it has been among the marquee services that we provide. The process is no hassle and very simple. Just there are some particular guidelines to follow while uploading caller tunes and we are good to go.

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