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How do I switch to ForeVision Digital without losing the stream counts ?

How do I switch to ForeVision Digital without losing the stream counts.

Remember to use the exact same ISRC codes, artist names and track titles you made a note of earlier, as well as the original audio files and artwork, when you re-upload your music.

Not happy with the service you’re receiving with your current music distributor? Looking for a quick, easy service with a team you can speak with over the phone? Here at ForeVision Digital, we put our artists first, offering a transparent and personal service to help our clients achieve their goals and ambitions.

The process of moving your music to ForeVision Digital from another distributor is simple, It’s vital to note, however, if your release has existing song data you wish to retain and transfer across, there are a few crucial steps to follow in order to properly link the tracks during the transfer process.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • ISRC codes
  • Artist name & track titles
  • Original audio files
  • Original artwork
  • UPC codes

It’s really important all of this information is EXACTLY the same as your original release when you re-upload your music to ForeVision Digital, so make a note of it, double-check everything and keep it somewhere safe.

What are ISRC and UPC numbers and where do you find them?

No matter which distributor you use, you will be able to find each song’s ISRC number. Just login to your distributor’s backend, click on the release and you’ll see there will be an ISRC number assigned to each song and the UPC assigned to the full release. If you’re having trouble finding this with your distributor, just write into their customer support and ask where to find it.

Copy this ISRC number from your old distributor and paste it into the section where your new distributor asks for the ISRC number. This is super important and it must be done correctly. Don’t accidentally assign song A’s ISRC to song B with your new distributor. Triple check this.

Sign Up with ForeVision Digital

It’s time to sign up for our platform! Whether you’re an artist or a label, it is completely free to sign up to our services and payment will only be due once you have uploaded your releases ready for processing.

You can now start uploading your releases. It’s really important to make sure your ISRC codes and barcodes from your current live releases are used here and your metadata is the same as the upload to your previous distributor. This will help to minimise the loss of streams and playlist placements on all platforms. Please make sure to include your original release date too!

Once you’ve submitted the details, you’re now ready to make payment. There are three options we offer for distribution, we suggest everyone to choose ForeVision CRBT+ plan for releasing your music everywhere with the caller tune service.

Wait until both releases are live and check if they have linked by comparing play counts before requesting your previous distributor remove your previous release.

Issue a takedown request to your current distributor:

Log into the account you have with your current distributor and ask them to remove your music from stores. There is usually a ‘takedown request’ button you can click to make this happen.

ISRC Codes is very very important to keep your steam counts same.