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How to set up a perfect pre-save campaign on Spotify

How to set up a perfect pre-save campaign on Spotify

Just to be clear, pre-save campaigns are nothing but a pre-order of songs that are yet to release.

But before answering the how to, let’s know the why to set up a campaign on Spotify!

  • It helps artists get their music heard on release day :

When a fan pre-saves a track or album, it is automatically added to their Spotify library as soon as it is released. This means that artists can generate a lot of streams, and a fanbase, which can help them to get noticed by algorithms and land on popular, high streaming playlists as well as ForeVision Digital’s editorial playlists.

  • It gives artists valuable insights into their audience.

When fans pre-save a track or album, Spotify collects data about their age, location, and listening habits. This data can be used by artists to target their marketing plans and create fan specific content.

  • It helps artists to build anticipation for their new releases.

Campaigns can be used to generate excitement and buzz around a new release. Artists can share the links on social media, in their email newsletters, and on their websites. This can help to build a sense of community around their music and get fans excited for the release date.

As for how to set up a pre-save campaign with the help of ForeVision Digital

You need to visit our website and directly mail us atleast 10 days ago, we will provide the link will help you through.

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