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How to write a song – 6 simple but awesome song writing steps

How to write a song - simple song writing steps

Here are some ways about how to write a song in effective way and in short time period, as writing a song with catchy hooks, easy-to-remember lines and creative lyrics can be challenging. Every songwriters go through writer’s block at some point in their career, and there are many different approaches to deal with it and improve the process.

1. How to start writing your song

Starting the process of songwriting is often the most challenging aspect. For certain individuals, beginning with the development of the primary melody or central chorus of the song is regarded as their writing style for crafting the rest of that track. Once the hook or key chord progression has been established, the rest of the song can be written or composed around it.

2. Lyrics matter

When it comes to music composition, lyrics take center stage – a key factor in increasing your music royalties. Crafting compelling lyrics can be a daunting task, especially for budding songwriters, ForeVision Digital makes sure that the song writers get their deserved exposure as well through Musicxmatch.

To kickstart your lyric-writing process, having a clear concept of your song’s message is crucial. Start by outlining your lyrical goals and then work with the rhythm, structure, and cadence to harmonize with your melody. A catchy lyrical hook for your chorus is crucial, allowing you to build verses and bridges that revolve around your central theme.

 3. Write from experience

As obvious as it may sound, some of history’s best or popular songs are about personal experiences, with artists drawing on real-life events to show their creativity. Whether you’ve been through hard times or great times, you can use your life experiences to some best use. Put those feelings into a song you can be proud of.

4. Don’t overthink it

Musicians and songwriters frequently tend to be overly critical of their own work. To make progress in the music industry, it’s crucial to maintain a balanced mindset. While it’s beneficial to analyze and refine your songs, it’s equally essential to let your creativity flow without overthinking. Overanalyzing can slower your progress. Start by capturing the core of your song, and remember that you can always make adjustments later. Embrace the creative process.

5. Collaborate with other musicians

If you’re facing writer’s block (everyone does once in their lifetime!), then collaborating with other musicians can bring new opportunities, a great way to break the block and get a fresh hand on your track. Show them what you’ve you’ve learnt so far, discuss any new ideas they might suggest, and see what comes out of it. Getting an extra perspective on your track from a fellow musician won’t do any bad.

6. Ask for feedback

It’s easy to lose sight of how good or bad your song is after you’ve spent hours and hours working, changing and creating it by yourself. So find someone you trust to give honest advice, and who’s opinion you value, and ask them to critique it for you. You might find they have some fantastic insight into how to write a song or how it could be improved. Don’t play it for someone who might be afraid to be honest with you – you want honest opinions, not any fake promises.

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