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Music distribution in India

Music distribution in India has evolved drastically in recent years. The days of physical media such as CDs and cassettes are long gone, and digital distribution has taken over. In today’s world, there are a number of ways to distribute music in India, including through streaming platforms, social media, and even physical stores. One of the most popular ways to distribute music in India is through digital distributors, like ForeVision Digital, first choice of thousands of artists.

Music distribution  in India has evolved drastically in recent years.
A picture of music distribution process and the what goes behind it's publishing.

BY the artists, FOR the artists

The Indian Music Business is the most important part of the Indian music industry. It makes sure that music artists and producers are paid fairly, and that their music is protected by copyright law. It also works to promote the growth of the Indian music industry as a whole. We know what it takes to create, and we make sure to take care of the collective.

A time to remember

Due to the pandemic, we all suffered a lot, but for artists it was time to sharpen their skills in silence, and get ready for the upcoming events or fests they had to perform on. And we took the time to create one of the artist friendly, safe digital distribution platform.

A rephrase

ForeVision Digital is a platform that helps artists advertise and sell their music online. It provides artists with the resources and support they need to focus on what they do best: creating music. We distribute music to all major digital platforms, including Spotify, JioSaavn, Instagram, YouTube Music, and much more.

Our approach combines all of these capabilities into one project, including music promotion and music video promotion. This makes it easier and more efficient for artists to distribute and promote their music.


Our team of marketing experts will help you reach a global audience on over 45 digital platforms, regardless of whether you’re an established artist or an up-and-comer. They’ll work with you to develop a custom campaign that fits your existing marketing plan and keeps you up-to-date on the latest scene of music distribution in India.

We have a team of professionals in key regions around the world who use their local expertise and connections to develop communication strategies that promote your content in new and targeted markets. We also have strong relationships with DSP partners and publishing teams, which allows us to ensure that your music is streamed as much as possible. And if needed, we can provide additional support through other channels and platforms.

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