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How to communicate with our new AI chat bot?

We at ForeVision Digital totally understand about emergency or faster communication service with the artists, in cases, where immediate action must take place. #

We previously had a chat system with our existing and potential artists, but it proved to be late and insincere down the line. #

So, as we have introduced a new portal for artists to check their stats, royalties, and automated withdrawal submission process, we are introducing a new Whatsapp chat bot, which will make the communication faster, easier and more authentic.

  • Tip for artists –
  • Initiate the conversation by typing Hello, or Hi or HELP!
  • You will be provided with a set of query list. (8 of them)
  • Type the digit that fits your query.

The AI chat bot will take you to the series of questions under that query.
Just type the alphabet before the question to proceed further.

Please keep it in mind that we are still learning and developing the AI to understand and perform better everyday. We promise you that we will make the bot more efficient and helpful in coming days.

Do not hesitate to leave a feedback if you think that we have missed anything that we must add into this bot.