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Marketing Plans


The whole music distribution  industry thrives to get the reach. There is not even a single artist who doesn’t want their music to get recognised by listeners or potential fans. However there’s various challenges an artist faces before them. Mostly when they are struggling to get the much needed fandom boost. As the music distribution and music industry is generally high with competitors. 

Why do I need a Music Playlist Recognition? 

Streaming has made it easier for music and culture in general to transcend international borders in recent years. Playlists are also a major tool used by fans to find new artists. 

So it must be said, music of an artist getting included in a playlist can result in the popularity of the artist overnight. An artist can be overtly popular and get recognition from millions of people in a fortnight by being included in a playlist. That can be in Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music playlist. 

Needless to say this is easier said than done. There is no guaranteed way or roadmap to get released in a playlist. An artist should know there are no ready and effortless steps to get music playlisted. 

However a few steps should to be followed if an artist wants to get playlisted 

  1. Playlist Landscape 

Get to know about the music distribution and its playlist landscape. Because the playlists are mostly based on the algorithm curation. An artist has to be aware who curates the playlist they want to target. 

Curators: Playlists are made by tastemakers, algorithms, or a combination of both. Understanding who curates the playlist you’re targeting is crucial.

Genre & Style: Alignment is key. Match your artist’s music with the playlist’s genre and vibe.

Submission Guidelines: Many playlists have submission instructions. Follow them carefully to avoid getting rejected.

  1.  Choose a streaming platform:

Once you have got your hands on the research. Now choose a streaming platform of your liking to hit a playlist. The artist might get confused on this matter as there are various streaming platforms online. As also numerous playlist are there for you. 

You can always choose ForeVision Digital to save you all the hassle. And to easily disseminate your best to various streaming platforms. All with some few easy steps- 

  • Login to ForeVision Digital
  • Be a member of this wonderful community 
  • Upload your music 
  • Give us the music details (Title, Artists, Genre etc) 
  • Leave the pitching to us 
  1. Build Your Music Playlist & Create Own Empire: 

There’s several music streaming platforms having opportunities for independent artists. 

You can “Get Access” to Spotify for Artists. To promote yourself on a playlist. It takes 10-15 consecutive days to verify the artists. 

Sign up Apple Music for Artists to playlisting your music. To claim your artist profile and link your iTunes account, visit iTunes Connect. Select “Artists” by clicking the plus sign. Look up your name; your music should already be there. Otherwise, return to step 1).

Approximately one week is needed to receive the verified status.

ForeVision Digital & The Artist

After Submitting your song to ForeVision Digital. We take care of your music and pitch it to different streaming platforms. As an artist you should upload all the important details of your songs. It is recommended that you send your music 10-15 days previously to ForeVision Digital. It will take a few days to get your spotify account. Getting in on a  playlist might be pure luck or mostly the marketing trick. However, the estimated time for pitching a music playlist is around 2 weeks. ForeVision Digital plays close attention to the customer service.

Post Release Marketing: Not only when you’re releasing a song but ForeVision Digital gives you unique post release services. Even after a year or two of the song ForeVision Digital pitches it to the streaming services for different genres and also playlists. 

It is necessary for the artist to send us the proper details of the songs. Such as in which genre this song belongs to also the mood of the song. You can add up a description to let us know about your music. All this information has to be correct to get us pitch your music to the playlist you like.