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What is OAC and how to be a part of this program by YouTube

An Official Artist Channel (OAC) is a special type of YouTube channel that is verified as belonging to a specific artist or band. This type of channel allows artists to share their music, videos, and other content directly with their fans on YouTube, and it also gives them access to certain features and tools that are not available to other users.

Youtube OAC.

To be eligible for an Official Artist Channel, an artist must meet certain criteria. First and foremost, they must be a professional musician or band with a significant presence on YouTube. This means that they should have a significant number of subscribers, views, and engagement on their channel.

A music distributor or label must deliver and distribute at least three official music release on YouTube via ForeVision Digital.

Another important reminder, one must have 20k+ followers / subscribers, or must be famous in order to obtain this service.

Finally, artists must also meet YouTube’s eligibility requirements for channel verification. This includes having a valid and up-to-date Google account, and not having any active strikes or community guideline violations on their channel.

Overall, an Official Artist Channel is a valuable asset for musicians and bands who want to connect with their fans and share their music on YouTube. By meeting the eligibility criteria and applying for an OAC, artists can take their YouTube presence to the next level and reach a wider audience.

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